Welcome to T.O.P.S. Motorcycle Training

Police based motorcycle training for the civilian rider.

This is not a learn to ride school.

Students must have completed a basic riding course or have at least one year of riding experience. This is an advanced riding skills course, not for beginners.

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About Us

Advanced Motorcycle Training Course

T.O.P.S. Motorcycle Training is an advanced rider training program developed by Ofc. David Struwing, a 20 year law enforcement veteran and police motor officer instructor. The T.O.P.S. curriculum is based on the same life saving principles taught to police motor officers throughout North America, and is now available to the civilian riding public.

Are you interested in becoming a more competent and confident rider? Do you have a desire to improve your emergency braking techniques, hazard identification and evasive maneuvers? All of these concepts and techniques are covered and offered to you on your own motorcycle. No rentals, no loaners. Why? Because, you don’t ride a rental or a loaner, you ride YOUR motorcycle and need to know how to read and react to situations on the machine you ride.

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Advanced Curriculum

TOPS I: This is the flagship curriculum for TOPS students where they will be introduced to advanced riding maneuvers such as Threshold Braking, Brake & Evade, Counter Steering, Hazard Avoidance and Intersection Survival Techniques.

TOPS II: This new program builds on TOPS I and introduces the rider to the advanced precision riding techniques focusing on balance, control and rapid directional changes in close quarters. Participants for TOPS II MUST have completed TOPS I to be eligible. New courses for the TOPS II curriculum include the Iron Cross, the Keyhole, and the Loopty Loop.



Do you desire to improve your overall confidence and ability while riding YOUR motorcycle?

Do you want to know the advanced secrets of motorcycle control and emergency braking once reserved solely for Law Enforcement?

Do you crave the knowledge on how to identify a hazardous situation before it happens?

More importantly, do you desire the skills to handle that situation when it happens?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, select a convenient training date from the registration page for an upcoming T.O.P.S. class.